This is a project of remembrance. Remembering our connection to this Earth, to ourselves as we are. Capitalism has shifted us away from some of our most sacred practices as humans. From the food system, productivity expectations and body image we have a lot of healing available to us as individuals.

In 2016 I experienced an intense physical trauma that shifted my world. I was experiencing this extreme disembodiment for the first time. Trauma can cause us to jump out of our bodies. It can be too painful to tap into what we are feeling in our present body. With physical therapy, herbs, body and energy work and getting my hands in the dirt, I was able to learn to come back home to my body. This isn’t an arrival, it’s a practice.

As Sajah Popham refers to in his book Evolutionary Herbalism we focus on homeodyanmics, not homeostatis. Homeodynamics is unfixed balance. I like to bring this broad idea into my life, into my work. We are arriving temporarily. We are not ever achieving “healed” we are “healing”. We will not stay, we will shift and sway and come back to center. We are celebrating those life moments in which we are able to tap into our pure presence.

Through ingesting, soaking in, rubbing on and burning of medicinal plants I offer you a slice of your remembering. Remembering that you are here on this planet, that the way you ebb and flow is natural. That it is natural to look to plants for assistance throughout your day. 


2023 current student of Accelerated Advanced Master's of Herbalism Program

BFA: Graphic Communications

Certified Reiki Master with Carla Yvonne

Earth Activist Training PDC

200 hr PYTT