Connection to Earth Connection to Self

Handmade herbal remedies from the heart

Words from our customers

"Jaime's herbal products are just the balm I need for self-care and are really made with love as well as many soothing and rejuvenating herbs. The bath tea is so dreamy for when you need a restorative soak. Really feeling the healing power of the Earth. Thank you!"

Emily M.

"My Whole Heart tincture was the healing balm I needed to release some grief and heavy emotions. It's become a staple on my altra and a go-to for connecting and opening up my heart space or when i'm in need of a little sweetness."

Shelby W.

"The Warmth oil has done wonders for scarring. I am an amputee and rub it on the end of my leg to relieve the aches of pain."

Debbie G.