Warmth Body Oil
Earth Meets Body Warmth Body Oil
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Warmth Body Oil

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Kiss your body with the essence of the summer sun.

This oil was made with St. John's Wort harvested with care & reverence in the UP of Michigan.


St John's Wort, Organic Olive Oil, Organic Gluten-Free Spirits

Suggested Use*:

Place the bottle of Warmth Oil by your feet and come to a standing position. Feel the areas in which your are connected to the earth beneath you. Bring a slight bend to your knees and allow your arms to slightly sway next to your body. Option to close your eyes and as you take a deep breath see what comes to you as an offering of gratitude today. Say aloud or in your mind what you are thankful for in this moment. When you are ready, following your breath, fold at your hips bringing your hands down to meet the earth. Bend your knees or adjust as needed to pick up your warmth body oil. Starting at one foot begin to lather yourself moving up your ankle to your knee and thigh; repeat on your other leg. Continue to lather the Warmth Oil into your whole body giving more attention to the areas that want it most.

Go on with your magical self knowing what you did for yourself today.

*Modify for what works for you
** Consult with your Dr. if you take medication.