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🔹What if twice per month you had a reminder to live in gratitude, to live with love and openness?

🔹What if you had your own private voice of encouragement outside of yourself and your immediate circle?

🔹What if you allowed in more encouragement to focus on YOUR well-being?

I invite you to allow yourself some extra goodness with a 2-4 minute voice memo of encouragement to align with the mindset and life that you desire. 

Receive your own personal encouraging voice memo twice a month for just $20.

How it works:

When you sign up you will receive a survey to share your own personal journey through the coming month. This could be future goals, recurring themes that are presently holding you back, challenges you foresee, etc.

Based on what you share I will deliver you a custom voice memo which will include affirmations, encouragement, gratitude reminders, loving thoughts, etc.

The affirmations will be influenced by nature, meditation, the current season and moon phase, holistic health and what is going on in your world.   

Listen to the memo whenever it is best for you and save it to play it throughout the week. 

At the beginning of each month we’ll check back in with each other and set a new focus for the coming month.