Full Moon Circle

Full Moon Circle

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Around the fire we'll honor the moon in it's fullest expression while in lavish Taurus. 


Together we'll join in a ritual focusing on nourishing yourself with LOVE for the benefit of the community. Self care = community care. 

How can you open to expanded self and community love? 


This is for you if:


You crave honoring the cyclical patterns of the moon

You want to create space in yourself for more love

You want to join in community with others

You are interested in the astrology of the full moon

You want to cultivate a deeper connection with your whole self 


The deets:

We'll all introduce ourselves and welcome one another to the circle

We'll sip a warm herbal drink together to open the heart space

Olivia will guide us in an astrological meditation

which will bring us closer to our true selves

We will join in a collective watering of a plant &

We will each create a talisman to take home and carry the energy of this full moon with us throughout the moon cycle

plus other magic too, of course.

What to bring: 

Water from any source

A mug

Warm clothes and/or blanket 

 Please send a suggested donation of $10 to @olivia-nichols12

Location will be disclosed upon sign up. Thanks!!


 Who is tending the fire:

Olivia is AstroAbolitionist, an intuitive astrologer with an eye toward community and personal empowerment. With her knowledge of the cosmos, Olivia seeks to connect while building accessibility and transparency in her astrological readings. Together we can look to the skies for inspiration and guidance as we seek to build systems that allow us to expand our consciousness and live our fondest hopes and dreams.

Jaime is the tender of Earth Meets Body who offers plant-connection based herbal offerings & classes. She practices a trauma-informed lens and strongly believes in empowering oneself and those around her. Jaime promotes remembering our inherent connection to this earth and to all beings. Jaime has attended and held moon gatherings throughout the past ~5 years. Her style of space holding is influenced by Starhawk, Celtic and Italian roots & many others of the past and future.